The Best Way to Protect a Laptop Screen


Laptop screens, also called LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors, are a delicate piece of technology and easily damaged. Proper care is critical to avoid smears, scratches and cracks.

Because it is usually expensive to replace a laptop screen, preventative maintenance is a key part of keeping your laptop functioning as it should and avoiding costly repairs.

Common-Sense Steps

  • Take common sense precautions that will keep your LCD monitor undamaged. Keep food and liquids well away from the screen. Open and shut your laptop case gently and do not touch or rub the screen with your bare hands, as this may leave smears or marks on the screen. Never use a pen or pencil tip to remove any dust or dirt from the screen and never leave a pen or pencil on the keyboard before closing the laptop case. Invest in a carrying case to prevent your laptop from bumps and bruises.

    If your laptop screen becomes dirty and needs cleaning, use water, vinegar mixed with water or isopropyl alcohol. Place the solution on a soft cotton cloth and gently rub the screen in even strokes. Do not use paper towels or rags that are not made of cotton as these may cause smears or scratches. You can also purchase cleaning wipes made specifically for LCD screens at many retailers.

Screen Protector

  • One of the best ways to prevent LCD screen damage is to buy a laptop screen protector. This a thin piece of film or plastic that fits over the screen and blocks dirt and dust from collecting on the monitor and protects it from scratches and smears. Some have an anti-glare treatment, making using the computer less of a strain on your eyes.

    These protectors are designed to fit over your laptop without any adhesive and remain in place, although they can be removed if necessary. Considering the expense and aggravation involved in replacing an LCD monitor, the relatively small investment required for a screen protector may be the best method of safeguarding your laptop screen.


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