How to fix Generic Volume Can’t Be Stopped Right Now Pen drive Problem


Generic volume can’t be stopped right now is a common windows problem and comes when we try to remove our pen drive or other removable device by using “Safely remove hardware option” that exists at the tray. It is highly recommended that whenever you try to remove any removable storage device, use “safely remove hardware” option. Because if you do so, then windows will close all the read-write operations on the storage device so that the drive can be remove without malfunctioning. But due to “Generic volume can’t be stopped right now problem”, we get an error whenever we

try to select safely remove hardware at the time of removing a storage device like pen drive. So in order to prevent your removable device from malfunctioning, solving “Generic Volume can’t be stopped right now” problem is must.

So here are the steps to fix Generic volume can’t be stopped right now error in windows:

1) Download software named unlocker from here. Unlocker is a handy utility which can be used to unlock the file handles of your removable storage devices, which are used by other applications.

2) Install unlocker.

3) open my computer and right click on the pen drive and select unlocker from right click menu.
4) A small pop window will appear which will show all the busy file handles of file being used on your pen drive.

5) Finally, Click on “unlock all” and then try to remove your pen drive using safely remove hardware option.

Now, your computer will not show you “Generic volume can’t be stopped right now error” message while removing pen drive using “safely remove hardware” option.

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