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wordpfrontVirtue i.T Solutions our goal is to help our clients have an enjoyable, productive and trouble-free experience using their computers. Whether at the home or office, Mac or Windows PC, we evaluate each client’s personal computer needs and design an effective solution to meet their specific requirements and budget. more…

Hardware install troubleshooting
Optimizing the performance and efficiency of your network is our commitment to you. Merely setting up a network, new hardware or software package and letting you fend for yourself is not our idea of great support. more
Our IT support technicians are well trained to handle a wide variety of hardware and software installations including servers, desktop, laptops, network printers, scanners and other computer hardware accessories.more
Virtue I.T Solutions understands that your computer network is the lifeblood of your business and how important it is to have them up and running at optimum levels.more
Untitled-1 Untitled-1
Virtue I.T Solutions Service Desk is staffed by knowledgeable, friendly and patient Service Desk agents who are contactable at any time, throughout the year.  more
Wiring and cabling may seem simple enough but if not installed properly you could be looking at a never-ending series of outages and failures. Faulty premise wiring can be a cause of many network problems. more
I.T Solutions is an upcoming software development company in Takoradi that has the experience and resources to develop software programs that are tailored to your needs.more

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