Business Plan

by: Greg
A business plan is a short brief that explains how a business owner, director or entrepreneur plans to orchestrate an enterprising effort that carries out the actions that are necessary in order for the effort to succeed. Basically, a business plan is the written description of a business’s business model. Those involved in the planning process and management are the most likely to use a business plan. Business plans are also used when approaching potential lenders or investors that have an interest in a particular business venture.There is a great deal of subject matter that is addressed in a business plan including a number of sub-plans. There are a number of business plan models that can be used to create a new business plan from or there are software options like the Business Plan Pro 2004. If a business is not using a business plan software program, they will most likely follow what is considered to be a typical business plan format.

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Essential Tools for Starting and Maintaining a Small Business

by: Ryan Hough

We believe that there are 3 factors that drive the success of small businesses.

1) Acquiring start-up capital
2) Finding customers
3) Accounting for, budgeting and controlling sales and expenses

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