Data backup & Recovery

No backup is 100% fool-proof. It’s rare, but occasionally backed up data can become corrupted and then a backup solution ends up backing up the corrupted data and the data is not accessible. The best a company can do is become diligent in choosing the least problematic solution which includes performing periodic test restoration.

Would you like a scary statistic?The average failure rate of tape drives is near 100%. Consider in the course of a year the amount of power failures, equipment failures and human errors that occur in your office. Now factor in that 9 times out of 10 the company that lost data actually had a backup system only to discover it failed when it was needed most. It only takes one surge break or incorrect keystroke to lose valuable data that can’t be replaced.

When instituting a backup strategy, there are several factors to consider before choosing a method. These factors can help businesses determine whether an online backup solution such as Virtue I.T Solution e-Vault Managed Backup Service would be more secure, cost effective and reliable than portable media backup, such as tape, for their organization.

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