Microsoft Exchange – Today, Microsoft Exchange is the mission critical application enabling businesses to communicate and conduct transactions. Email is your most critical tool for all your employees and Microsoft Exchange offers a rich-feature-set to help keep your employee and customer communications flowing.

Benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2010:

  • Anywhere access – Your staff can view and sync their e-mail and calendars on multiple devices, including desktop and laptop computers, PDAs, and cell phones.
  • Unified messaging – Improve your workforce’s productivity by enabling them to receive not only e-mail, but also faxes and voice mail in their inbox.
  • Security – Built-in anti-spam and antivirus defenses protect your company’s email system from unwanted solicitations like bulk e-mail and from dangerous viruses that can invade your company server and desktops.
  • Compliance tools – Meet your legal regulatory compliance retention requirements using built-in controls.
  • Operational efficiency – Exchange 2010 is easy to deploy and administer, and it offers improved storage efficiency and reduced use of resource bandwidth.

VITS can help you build an effective email exchange server to suit the size and needs of your business. Additionally, VITS offers on demand support for all of your email support concerns and provides email security solutions that will scale and grow as your business does.

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