Network Security

network securitySecurity risks are a fact of life when dealing with computers, networks and servers. There are internal and external threats that can get into your system and wreak havoc with your data and in some cases outright steal valuable information from your company without you even knowing it happened. Securing your computer and network system is essential to protecting your data and keeping your business’ network safe from harm.
Information technology moves at a breakneck speed but unfortunately so do the threats that are created to disrupt the flow of information, hack into systems to steal data and passwords and turn some systems into zombie computers from which hackers can use the network to send out viruses, malicious code and other harmful software. Why some people decide to spend their time destroying and stealing the work of others will probably never be answered. But as a business owner with a computer network and system it is your responsibility to ensure your database, server and network is well-protected and safe from common internal and external security threats.

Security can be broken down into several categories:

  • Phishes are associated with deceptive emails.  A user will open what looks like to be a legitimate email and be asked to click on a link.  When this is done the user has unknowingly granted the hacker personal information that is then used to break into the system, transmit viruses, or use company resources.
  • Hackers and External threats can disrupt your business by sending a malicious code or a Trojan horse, which conceals itself inside a known or seemingly safe program.  The user opens the attachment or clicks on the link and in the blink of an eye a malicious hacker has entered your server, database and network. Disgruntled ex-employee who wants personal revenge decides to spam every inbox in your network in another form of an external threat.  No matter the reason, if you use the Internet at all, these “bad guys” have an “in” into your network and the only way to keep the garbage out is to fully protect your system and network.
  • Internal threats and accidents are similar in that an employee can unknowingly misuse secure access privileges and leave important passwords and security questions open to someone monitoring your system through spyware. This can be a simple mistake, an accident or an intentional act that occurred when a program re-starts but either way, important and confidential information is at risk. Employees have to use the Internet while working and during their searches may enter sites that are not work-related and can have harmful software on it that needs only a split-second to gain access into your network and begin a series of chaotic actions that could in some extreme cases shut the whole network down.

Once you know the dangers that exist, you can take proactive steps to try and prevent them. You should protect your computers, servers, database and network through a variety of security solutions. Network monitoring support, managed Microsoft security patches, firewall installation, intrusion detection programs, managed anti-virus and anti-spyware software, all take a part in securing your line-of-business applications and in some cases restricting use of the Internet to only work-related sites.

At Virtue I.T Solutions, we know how real the threats are and how much damage a simple string of malicious code can do to a network or server. If not secured and managed correctly, your business could be ruined in an instant by phishing, spoofing, email spam and viruses.
When you put the VITS team to work for you, we take the time to understand your specific security needs, and then recommend a comprehensive evaluation of your site’s security standing and what products would be best in protecting your system.

Virtue I.T Solutions offers an array of security products and services that are designed to meet your security needs and will help you personalize a security plan that can define different users of your network system and risks associated with each. Once these measures are put in place, your network, server, workstations and data can be protected from many external and internal threats.

VITS Security Products and Services

  • Server Security Services
  • Firewall Appliance, Installation & Management
  • Intrusion Detection Security
  • Mobile Security Strategies
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Solutions
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Web sense – Internet Security Solution
  • Digital Surveillance
  • On-going system maintenance to keep your protection up-to-date

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